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In order to be able to use the St. Luke Episcopal Church for our meeting place, we have been asked to bring
non-parishable food items to donate to their food bank.
Please don't forget to bring an item or two. They are especially needed this time of year.
Thank you!

June President’s message

As you read this the quilt show is over. As I write this, it’s 3 weeks away. That said, we’re expecting a great show with many good leaders under Kathleen Bond. They’ve all put a huge amount of work into bringing it all together and
deserve a big thank you from all.

The Board spent some time on reviewing the upcoming budget for 2017-18. It will be presented at our June meeting to be approved by all our members. Carol Wright will be emailing to all, the proposed budget just before our June meeting.
Please look it over before the meeting and bring a copy with you. None will be available at the meeting. Some Board members also are sorting and shredding old financial files dating back to 2003-2007. Other old files are being assessed to see if we can dispose of them. Some of you long term members might like to get involved in that.

By this time I think you all know who our new officers are. Rosemary Carr, Kathleen Bond, Pat Gentner, and Carol Wright were installed at our meeting, and will be taking over after the business meeting in July. Our party will start their
reigns. We still need several positions filled for our new year in August. Job descriptions are available if you need more info on these jobs. Our revised job descriptions are finished and are available for your perusal on the Committees Page. Being a volunteer really opens up your world to new acquaintances and friends. Ask anyone who's been there.

For those in current positions, and new positions, Karen Adams is having a Transition Meeting at her beautiful house, on Jun 24th 10AM, to include lunch.

Don’t forget to see the quilts at the Adult Center on Rosser St. I get nice comments on them frequently when I play duplicate bridge there. One day I heard someone commenting on how beautiful they are and asked the receptionist if any were for sale. She said no, but naturally I popped in and said
they will be. We are putting together a booklet for quilts our members are willing to sell. Carolyn Edwards is working on that.

Membership renewals are pouring in. This year we have 137 members. We hope to do that or better next year. It’s a big plus to be in our directory, but that won’t happen if you don’t get in your $30 in by our June meeting. You can send
your check to Doris Robak if you can’t be there.

Don’t pass up our Birthday Party in July! Shirley Pichoff and committee are busy making arrangements and favors for that, and lunch is included. Sounds like fun! If you need to bring a guest, check with Shirley P. In July there will be Show and
Tell, but no Birthday Raffle and no Company Store. June is business as usual with our speaker and 2 workshops. Please consider doing one of them.

Appreciation goes to all who are willing to be involved in keeping this guild as alive and great as it is. It takes a lot of energy and diligence on the part of many.

Pat Armstrong for June Newsletter

TBQ President


Jane Tenorio-Coscarelli is a freelance artist who has combined her artistic talent and love of quilting to create 1/4 Inch Publishing.
For the past 20 years, she has successfully designed and produced her product line of books, patterns, fabrics and notions.

Program Director
Shirley Pitchoff & Diane Belveal



For information about our upcoming Quilt Show, CLICK HERE!


Quilts! the Promise of Joy
June 2nd and 3rd

Friday 9am to 5pm
Saturday 9am to 4pm

We promised Joy and that is what we plan to give.
Are you making lots of quilts? These always bring joy and if you have scraps left over, make potholders!
Maybe you would like to join Linda Craig and become a "marketeer" making items for The Marketplace. Another joyful thing!
We will also have a special display with 20 quilts from The 2016 Hoffman Challenge.
Plan on spending the whole day because we will have Bar-B-Que outside picnic style. More Joy!
Everyone enJOYs The Vendors and we have lots.



Vignettes! Vignettes! Vignettes! Vignettes!

The "Welcome Booth", ABOUT US, will feature "UFO's ~ the Promise of Joy!" We're counting on this to be a really f.u.n. vignette! There have been oodles of blocks and UFO's flooding our doorsteps since we first put the word out! We'll take more!! We'll also take more hoops--both quilting and embroidery! The more the merrier! You may I.D. your things...or we will. This vignette will be filled with busy quilters--YOU, working on your own projects, sharing and demonstrating your way of doing things! Sign-up sheets will again be available at the May 8th TBQ meeting...or you can e-mail us or call us to hold your spot.

The friendship group "Pedal Pushers" will have their vintage machines up and running! Show attendees will have the chance to 'test drive' any of the oldies, but goodies, in the display, from Featherweights, to hand cranks, to treadles, to favorites up to the 60's! Also in this vignette will be a quilt or two stitched AND quilted on vintage machines.

The "Handmade Hugs" vignette will display and explain TBQ's charity quilts effort this year. Maryann Conner has done an outstanding job with this project! Thank you, Maryann!

And the "Memories" vignette will spotlight quilters 'loved and lost' (Karla Morriston, Nyla Paulsen, Gloria Bess, and Linda Gergen Moran). If you have quilts or wall hangings done by any of these dear quilters, please let us know. We'd love to include them in this vignette.

Carolyn Edwards



We are excited about our line up of vendors. At this time we have Rochelle's Fine Fabric and Quilting, A-1 Quilting Machines, Central Sewing, It's Quiltin' Time, Quilt 'N Sew Connection, Pocket Change Fabrics, Precision Spinal Care, Odegaard's Sewing Center, Back in Time Jewelry, 1/4" Publishing, Quilter's Store Sedona, Cloth Plus, Stitch a Book and Cedar Creek Studio. We have several more vendors that have expressed interest, and we are just waiting for their registration.



Quilt Show Entry Packets

The packets you will need to check in your quilts at the show will be available at the
May 8th meeting. If you will not be attending the meeting please arrange for someone to pick up your entry packets.
This will be the only day they will be available and you must have the packet to check your quilt in at the show on Thursday June 1.

Suzy Davidson


TBQ 2017 Opportunity Quilt ~ "Prescott Rose Garden"
(submitted by Carolyn Edwards)

Once upon a time, about a year ago, a quilter's guild wanted to make an Opportunity Quilt for their 2017 Quilt Show. This seemed like a fairy tale, but with persistence and dedication, the impossible was achieved. The pattern was selected--Sunshine Rose Garden, designed by Kathy Nakajima from the Quilters Newsletter Cover Collection, copyright 2007. The fabric was purchased and the project was underway. Work manager is Carolyn Edwards. Color and Fabric manager was Susan Smith. Paper Piecers for the nine 23" Mariner's Compass blocks were Chris Anders, Kathy Beeson, and Lorraine Owen. Applique Manager was Barbara Merkel. Appliquers, working in the Pearl Pereira applique style, were Kathleen Bond, Maryann Conner, Carolyn Edwards, Jean Ehlers, Barbara Merkel, Carol Miller, Alice Obrenovich, Shirley Pichoff, Marilyn Thompson and Connie Sieh. Hand appliquers were Anne Abrams, Lynn Beck, Kathleen Bond, Rosemary Carr, Angie Christy, Carolyn Edwards, Jane Holland, Pat Hopgood, Shirl Kelliher, Jackie McDonald, Barbara Merkel, Carol Miller, Karla Morriston, Lorraine Owen, Shirlee Smith, and Marilyn Thompson. And then the Work Manager cried in dismay, and Karla Morriston (the accountant) stepped up and said, "I'm used to meeting deadlines. We can do this." And she pushed with all her might, and the quilt TOP was finished at 3 p.m. the day before the Quilt Show set-up for Mountain Top Quilters Guild.

That overwhelming feat was followed by the question: Is it possible to sell opportunity quilt tickets on a quilt TOP only? Well...the answer is YES!! Opportunity Quilt income at the MTQG Quilt Show was $330! Our 2017 TBQ Opportunity Quilt has so far lead us down a weird and wonderful quilting path. What fun we are having! And how gorgeous she is!!!

Big big THANK YOU's to everyone who has worked on this quilt. Big big THANK YOU's to Sandy Evans and Susie Opdahl who volunteered to 'market' our beautiful Prescott Rose Garden. When they ask for TBQ'ers to help sell tickets, please raise your hands! It's a fun thing. It's enchanting. And we all do want to live 'happily ever after".



"Threadlines" is the paper version of the TBQ newsletters.
To view a printer friendly version of this month's "Threadlines",
Click Here


Roni Barron

Carlotta Lynn Brandenburg

Cynthia Crull

Jean Ehlers

Diane Grayson

Pat Hopgood

Norma Kurr

Sandy Mazzurco

Sharon Melpolder

Geo Mickelson

Sherry Mundt

Kay Wentworth




_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Please bring a wrapped gift
suitable for a quilter, with a value
of at least $10.00 to the next
meeting . A good rule of thumb
for the gift is something that you
would really like to receive
yourself. If you missed your
birthday month, you can bring
your gift at a later meeting.

Pam Calhoon and Melodie Moreno
Birthday Drawing Committee



Judy Eppler

Catherine Ericsen

Sandy Evans

Vera Flores

Donna Floyd

Betty Foley

Darlene Gatewood

Arlene Gordon

Diane Grayson

Marti Harbour


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

We encourage you to bring healthy refreshments.  We look forward to working with Thumb Butte Quilters this year.

Hostess's should arrive by
8:30 a.m. to assist chairperson in
setting up if needed. Bring a refreshment item; such as finger
food- cheese, crackers, sweet treats, fruit, etc. Please bring your goodies on disposable trays or label your dish with your name. Beverages and paper products are provided by the Guild.

Kathleen Bond & Carolyn Edwards
Refreshment Committee



The Opportunity Quilt will be raffled off at the TBQ Quilt Show on
June 3rd at the end of the show. If you haven't already got
your tickets, hurry up and do so! Someone is going to be
a very happy person on June 3rd.

Sandy Evans & Susan Opdahl
Ways and Means Chair





Stop by the mentor's table before the meeting or at break time. I will be sharing tips on a few of my favorite and useful quilting tools and gadgets.

Susan Joy Noyes




Company Store is up and running. Come take a look!

Joan McGivern /Carol Brownlow/Carol Peters/Pam Jones
Company Store Co-Chairs




Reimbursement Form - for committee members that need to be reimbursed for purchases made for the guild

Membership Application

Quilt Show Registration Forms for 2017


Shirley Smith did a trunk show for us of her amazing quilts.

Click here to see Shirley's Trunk Show

Charlotta Brandenburg & Laura Davis
Workshop Chairmen



Click here to see the current exhibit.

Greetings, Everyone! We are celebrating Summer at the Adult Center! Woohoo! The yellow quilts are coming down on May 24th, and the patriotic quilts are going up! And it's a grand ol' collection! Three cheers for the red, white, and blue! Big, big THANK YOU's go to Janet Bailey, Cheryl Giovenco, Arlene Gordon, Jane Holland, Barbara Merkel, Sandy Mitchell, Paula Pilcher, Shirlee Smith and Sue Weishaupt for sharing their patriotic quilts. Four of the quilts, we've seen before, but with them hanging out with six new friends, you probably won't even notice! And WOW!, two quilts are shared by brand new members--Janet and Cheryl! We love that you are jumping right into our activities! And when you stop to see the quilts at 1280 Rosser Street, check out Arlene Gordon's two quilts--they are FOR SALE! It's such a great collection, you will want to stop and salute!

Remember, there is always a Quilt Show of TEN quilts going on at the Adult Center. Tell all your friends, and take your summer visitors there!

And because you need to know for future displays, quilt sizes needed are:
LARGE: from 60" to 90" wide, any length. (Need SIX.)
SMALL: from 45" to 60" wide, any length. (Need FOUR.)

If you have theme ideas for quilt displays at the Adult Center, give me a buzz!


Quilts For Sale!

We've mentioned more than once that visitors to the Adult Center have asked if any of the quilts were for sale. President Pat mentioned at the January meeting that works were under way to offer TBQ members' quilts for sale. If you are at all interested in selling any of your quilts, here's the deal. We don't have all the details finalized yet, but you need to be thinking about if you have any quilts for sale. A form will be placed on the website with the other 'forms'. You will need to attach a photograph. More details to follow...

You can see all the previous Community Center Exhibits
on the Archive page of the TBQ website.

Carolyn Edwards
Community Center Quilt Coordinator



Handmade Hugs

Just a quick note to let you know we will not be having a Handmade Hugs Workshop this month. If you have any finished quilts or pillowcases, please bring them to the Handmade Hugs Vignette at the Quilt Show. (If possible, on Thursday during setup.)

We will be selling pillowcases and the proceeds will go into the Community Service budget. I know you are busy getting your quilts ready for the show; so, any finished quilts or pillowcases are truly appreciated.

Thank you so much for your participation in this worthy project.

See you at the Quilt Show!


Maryann Conner
Community Service


P.S. Please send any related emails to me at

Maryann Conner
Community Service Chairman


Kay Wentworth

Come and enjoy the new display of Marcia McMullen 's Quilts at the Chamber of Commerce this month.

Quilts have been on display continuously since April of 2009, and is a shared task between
Thumb Butte Quilters' Guild and Mountain Top Quilters' Guild.





Anne Abrams
Contact Person

TBQ Members, be sure to check out our advertisers' specials  and if you have something to sell, you can advertise here.  The cost is $10 a month, with a 3 month limit.  If you're looking for something, there's no charge for advertising but there is a 3 month limit.  Just let me know before the 15th of the month. Non-members can advertise quilt related items for sale in our newsletter for $15 per month.



Go to our website and click on COUPONS, NEW COUPONS monthly to use in our store.

Go to
to see what's happening!

Click here to see our Calendar.


Go to
to see what's hapening!

Click here to see our Calendar.


Stop by to see our machines and remember we do on site repairs on sewing machines and sergers!!

Advertising on the TBQ Website:

Any member or vendor may place a camera-ready display of their business card on this website. The cost would be $10.00 per month or $108.00 for one year, prepaid. Prepaid ads include a 10% discount.

In addition to the monthly ad, each advertiser will be able to post a 'blurb' telling about one of their specials for the upcoming month. Blurbs must be limited to 35 words or less. The deadline for the next month's blurb is the 15th of the current month.

For more information or to sign up for advertising here, contact Anne Abrams:

Thumb Butte Quilters' Guild does not endorse or recommend the advertisers on this website.